More About Us

More About Us

We're all about equipping people to experience the fullness of Christ's abundant life. Some relevant information about us.

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Core Values

What we care all about. Our statement of what we believe. We care all about seeing people experience and express the fullness of life in Christ.

- Love

All other values come from this. We encourage everyone to love people up, down, and all around with unconditional acceptance and no judgments.

- Relevance

We value activities that are socially important, age appropriate and relating to the needs, desires and interests of each target group.

- Excellence

We value excellence in life, vocation, ministry, and relationships as the highest attitude that practically promotes God.

- Passion

We value a Church that expresses a full life-giving spirit through vibrant praise, encouraging attitudes, and enthusiastic perception.

- Consistency

We value consistent church membership, expressed through attendance, generosity in giving of time, finances and talents, and committed dedicated involvement.

- Truth

We value the pursuit of truth found in the word of God that releases us into freedom in all areas of Christian growth and development, leading to a balanced and successful life.

- Family

We value a broad family group that allows dreams to become reality in our lives, expressed through diverse socioeconomic and cultural people-groups joining to belong together, at home, as the children of God.

- Influence

We value the preparation of God's people for the purpose of influencing nations and generations for destiny in Christ.

- Statement Of Beliefs

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Serving Team Opportunities

1. Tech/Media

2. Music

3. Building Excellence

4. Children's Ministry

5. Ushering



If you are technically inclined or creatively gifted in sound, videography, marketing, etc., then this is the team for you! This team is responsible for supplying sound engineers, lighting, audio/visual aids, etc. for meetings; recording music, public speaking sessions via video and audio, designing, and hosting web sites, online and TV marketing and all other aspects of church media and marketing presence in our community, and aiding in special productions. Our two contacts taking lead in this department are Ryan Wyers (Tech), and Matthew Dringenberg (Media).



This team works closely with the Tech/Media department and is also the creative arts sector of performance ministry! Our expanding music team is responsible for all events that employ music, theatre, or performing arts. The leaders in charge of this department are Renee Nutt (Worship Teams) and Linda Lawrence (Special Events).


Building Excellence

The building team is responsible for the excellence displayed throughout the Church property! Our property and building are maintained and improved upon regularly by a team of dedicated people who realize the need for a display of excellence in this area! Anything from cleaning, painting, garbage disposal, janitorial, building maintenance, and capital works projects are handled under this banner! If you have skill or passion in any of these areas mentioned, this team will be a great place for you to serve. Kevin Reschke leads capital works and building maintenance projects along with Donald Laing and Ryan Wyers as his assistants.


Children's Ministry

Children's ministry caters to all ages from birth through pre-teens. The age groups are split into 3 main divisions of ascending age categories (babies, toddlers, and children). If you wish to join this team there are a series of background checks that are to be completed prior to admission (simply for the care and safety of our children)! Tabatha Laing is head coordinator of leaders in all three age categories.



This department covers hosts, greeters, parking attendants, security, pastoral helps, and all other host duties within public services and selected private functions! If you have a pleasant, helpful, and friendly demeanour then this team could be a great fit for future serving opportunities for you! Chris and Crystal Lawrence are team leaders of the Ushering departments.



If you have questions relating to any of these serving areas please don't hesitate to contact our friendly online hosts with your requests! [Contact us]

"We would love to meet you!" - Ps. Steve & Carmen Lynne Pastors Steve and Carmen Lynne are a team ministry.

They co-pastor Global Connections Church. Ps. Steve has a background in education and has completed a Doctorate in Practical Ministry. Ps. Carmen has a background in nursing and counselling and has completed a Doctorate Degree in Counselling! Both Steve and Carmen are published authors with a vast experience in public speaking, ministry, leadership, writing, and counselling. The style they feel most comfortable with in their speaking and writing is a personal, humorous, informative, and inspirational context! You will find them to be happy, easygoing, and fun to be around! They make friends quickly and value long-term, trusted relationships. They love Jesus passionately and live happily with their ten exceptional children in Alberta Canada! Feel free to approach them after a Sunday service and say, "hi" because they really enjoy meeting people.

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Sunday Morning (Services)
 9:30  am
11:00 am
12:30 pm
Sunday Evening Classes
5:00 -6:00 pm
Wednesday NIGHT (small groups)

7:00 pm

Thursday NIGHT (small groups)

7:00 pm

SHIFT (ages 17-31)

Sunday 5:00 pm

Ignite (ages 13-16)

Thursdays 3:45 - 4:45 pm

Fuel (ages 8-13)

Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:30 pm


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